19 Things To Know Before Your Alaskan Cruise

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Alaska has always been a final frontier, a place where everyone wanted to go. Even 70 years ago.

A slide show of black and white photographs as the MS Eurodam sets sail from Seattle shows intrepid travellers standing atop one of Alaska’s mesmerising glaciers. But rather than the sea of puffer jackets seen on the Holland America ship today, it seems fashion trumped practicality in the late ’40s when the first Alaskan cruisers dressed their best in suits and skirts.

Once in the geographical clutches of Russia, Alaska was bought by the US for a measly 3c an acre 150 years ago and, ever since tourists started hitching a ride on a cargo ship to cruise the Inside Passage in 1881, a voyage to the True North of Alaska has equalled a perennial gold star on the travel bucket list.

Here is what you should know before you go.

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