Sail the Whitsundays, Your Way


“We’ve run out of coffee,” the dreaded words ring through our catamaran. How six people could consume an entire jar of Nescafe in one day, I don’t know, but there are more pressing things to worry about. Namely, where will we find more?

“I’ll just go and ask the neighbour,” my friend jumps into a kayak, which is bobbing behind the boat where we’ve woken up, just offshore from arguably Australia’s most beautiful stretch of sand – Whitehaven Beach.

We laugh and watch in anticipation as she paddles over to the yacht anchored nearest and a salty captain wearing nothing but black Speedos and small thick-lens glasses leans over to greet her. This friend could charm her way into anything, so I’m not surprised when she returns victorious, bag of grind raised above her head.

As we sip our morning coffee and eat bacon and eggs on the back deck, It feels like we’re part of some exclusive club – here on an invite-only, VIP sleepover made possible by our on-loan luxury catamaran.

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