Hiking the Larapinta Trail

Walking along Euro Ridge on Day 1 of the Larapinta Trail in Comfort with Australian Walking Holidays_Photo Celeste Mitchell.jpg

The plucky twang scales down, down, down the familiar bass line. The rhythmic clash of the tambourine. Nancy Sinatra’s unmistakeable vocals. I’m awake before the first note; eyes on the canvas above my face.

A smile spreads over my face in immediate recognition. “You keep sayin’ you’ve got something for me …” I throw back my swag cover, shimmy out of my sleeping bag cocoon.

“Something you call love but confess …” I’m already half dressed — thermals, fleece, tights and socks. On goes the jacket, beanie, windbreaker pants. “You’ve been messin’ where you’re shouldn’t’ve been messin’ and now someone else is getting all your best …” I shove feet into my hiking boots, hook and tighten my laces, and grab my gaiters.

“These boots are made for walkin’ and that’s just what they’ll do; one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.”

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