Everything you need to know about Mexico


It could have to do with Bond. James Bond. When Spectre threw its vibrant Day of the Dead parade onto our silver screens in 2015, it inspired a new-wave of interest and a real-life parade to be added to the Mexican festival.

Or maybe it’s just because we really love tacos. In any case, Mexico has never been a hotter destination for Australians.

But thinking you can ‘do’ Mexico in a week is like trying to visit the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania and the Kimberley in a long weekend. It’s far bigger than you first imagine and getting around is not always straightforward or quick.

Whether you’re motivated by the food, learning the rich tapestry of pre-Hispanic history, or just want an all-inclusive beach break, once you’ve scratched the surface of Mexico, it’s hard to escape unaffected by its magic.

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